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Our houses are designed for
'up here', without the price tag
of 'down there'.


We live in a tropical paradise, so why are so many Darwin homes concrete hotboxes?!


 A while ago me and a mate started talking about why people don’t build breezy tropical homes anymore.

Sure, there’s the small matter of cyclones, but for the 99.9% of the time we’re not battling those bastards we’re depriving ourselves of enjoying the very reason we all live up here - the warm tropical breeze, the chirp of the crickets and spending time sharing stories with the wild bloke next door.

So we're bringing real tropical living back to Darwin, in a way that's affordable, environmentally friendly and beautiful. Oh, and able to withstand the odd cyclone...


We're young, but already making some big heads turn. Here's our haul from the latest UDIA awards.

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for Darwin

for nature

for budgets

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There’s something intangible, yet so special about the connection to the outdoors and the open decks that makes me feel like I’m really living in the Tropics. It’s a wonderful place to come home to.
— Andrew Fisher
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