We put the tropics back in Darwin living.


We’re pretty isolated in Darwin but when I look around I can’t help but feel we’ve made ourselves even more so by hiding in concrete fortresses behind our Crimsafe with the blinds drawn and the windows closed.

Now I’ve met quite a few of you Darwin, and you know what? You’re all pretty damn fun and slightly crazy, and one thing I’m certain of is that despite living over 3,000km from most of Australia you don’t want to be isolated! So what are we doing?

It's time to get tropical again. We've done all the research and sourced the best materials, the best designers and the best architect in Australia to get the job done. We’re talking about Adrian Welke from Troppo Architects - he’s the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal winner which is the highest award in Australian architecture. 

He’s been recognised internationally for his contribution to tropical architecture, best practice, sustainability and cutting edge design and with him on the team we’re making houses that make living in Darwin what it should be - open, breezy and bloody enjoyable.

EtsyAU_Darwin 090 [Image by Jarrad Seng]-17.jpg

for Darwin

The problem with our big concrete block houses is that for the 99.9% of time they aren’t protecting you from cyclones, they’re storing heat and radiating it back to you as you sleep. Great for Melbourne when it’s chilly, but never nice up here.

So we got Troppo Architects (the third most awarded architects in the country) to whip us up a house that’s breezy and cool, and we got Cardno (the largest pure play engineering firm in Australia) to engineer it to make sure it’ll stay standing when Mother Nature shows us who’s boss.

for nature

You don’t need to be a hippy to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle - it’s all about taking advantage of your land. 

We don’t just bulldoze and build, we design around the existing landscape so we're maximising air-flow, using the elements to your advantage and basically creating a microclimate that’ll keep you cool in the wet and enjoying the dry.

And because we use the best stuff inside and out, you’ll get that nice enviro feeling, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

for budgets

All this talk of design sounds great - and expensive, right? Nope. Our patented construction system cuts typical build costs by a third and times in half.

And with the packet we save there, we can afford some serious quality features like Safetyline Jalousie, Haikus by Big Ass Fans, fancy toilets by Villeroy and Boch, taps by Grohe and Smeg appliances. They're standard, not expensive add-ons. 

Plus, our clever design means our houses are near zero energy. That means less bills for you. Forever.

We're young, but already making some big heads turn. Here's our haul from the latest UDIA awards.

UDIA NT_affordable housing 2017.png
UDIA NT_environmentally sustainable development 2017.png
UDIA NT_innovation in development 2017.png